Health Technology Assessment

Healthcare technologies have undergone major innovations over the last half-century. The tremendous development has brought improvements in the care provided and the results of patients from various regional medicine. On the other hand, this progress has also contributed to the rising costs of healthcare.
Manufacturers, regulators, managers, payers, government officials, doctors, and patients put more and more pressure on information that help decide whether and how to develop technology and whether they want to receive them, pay for them, ensure their proper use, etc. This pressure reflects the demand for growth and development of the multidisciplinary process health technology assessment (HTA).

According to the WHO, HTA is a systematic evaluation of the properties, effects or impacts of health technologies and interventions. It is used to support decision-making in healthcare, especially how to best allocate limited resources for health technology and interventions.

According to EUnetHTA, HTA is a multidisciplinary process gathering information on medical, social, economic and ethical issues related to the use of health technologies in a systematic, transparent, impartial and robust manner. The goal is to provide information that will be used to create safe, effective health policies with a focus on the patient and trying to achieve its best effectiveness.

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